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Heritage Palms Golf & Country Club

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Why your search for vacation rentals should focus on Heritage Palms – Fort Myers

Heritage Palms refers to a gated community located in Fort Myers. The gated community sits on more than 800 acres. The vacation rentals in the community are in great demand, thus making it only natural to limit your search for this part of the country.

Azinger & Lewis designed two 18-hole golf courses found in the community. The golf courses are in immaculate condition, thus making them the ideal location for any upcoming business meeting that you plan to have with a prospective client.

The gated community has a wide selection of houses or vacation rentals that you can buy. For example, feel free to choose between luxury twin villas, single-family units, 4-storeyed terrace condos and 2-storeyed verandas among others.

The gated community sits off Six Mile Cypress. It’s right between Daniels Parkway and Colonial Boulevard. The gated community has a perfectly located fresh water lake that occupies around 37 acres.

With a clubhouse that provides a picturesque view of the fresh water lake, you should choose a vacation rental that is near this structure. With these reasons, you have no reason to not consider Heritage Palms in Fort Myers as the perfect location for your vacation rentals.