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Heitmans – Bonita Springs, Florida

Why buying a Single-Family Home in Heitmans – Bonita Springs, FL is an Excellent Choice

Although some of the families in Heitmans tend to be large, it is worth noting that 71.3 percent of them are single families. It is for this reason that the homes that enjoy the biggest demand in this gated community are single-family units. Around 64.3 percent of the properties in the community are under private ownership. You can only rent around 34.8% of the properties here.

Slightly less than 4 out of every ten people in Heitmans – Bonita Springs, FL are members of households most commonly described as middle class. Such households have an income of around $30,000-$70,000. The gated community boasts of some excellent schools to take your children for their education. Local businesses also thrive here.

The gated community has a vibrant collection of restaurants, bars and fitness centers to break up the monotony of living in such a place. The fact that the homes, single-family units, in Heitmans have no deed restrictions makes them ideal for a small or young family that is searching for an affordable gated community to own a home.

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